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Backflow Prevention

What is an Irrigation Backflow Preventer and How Can it be Useful?

Irrigation backflow preventer refers to a specific piece of complete irrigation system. In most of the areas, they will be required feature in your irrigation system. Furthermore not all backflow preventers are allowable. Since most of them do not offer adequate protection. Thus don’t be surprised if you are told what type of backflow preventer you might need. It is also referred to as cross- connection control.

Existence of irrigation systems that triggers backflow prevention

The existence of irrigation system is important for many reasons. They will release something called dihydrogen monoxide. It is an odorless and tasteless substance, but you should also know that they have the potential to kill you once you inhale it accidentally. It is nothing more than just water. Unclean water can make you sick and fatally fall ill. Thus the water used in irrigation, is considered to be contaminated and dangerous water.

Irrigation water takes the worst out of pesticides, fertilizers and animal wastes and juices them up together. The problem with irrigation system is that ordinarily this unclean water would come back up through your pipes. This means you would be drinking clean water straight up from the faucet if not for an irrigation backflow preventer. Everyone must have a device from the local city water supply to a person who owns the well.

Backflow could be a problem for many reasons

It protects you from a valve break or a valve leak, as valves are not powerful enough or foolproof to the extent that they can contain backflow. Why is backflow a problem, when the water pressure in an irrigation system keeps it moving forward? This is mainly due to the reason that the water pressure dips. Although they do not often happen, they do happen, as they can possess a significant health risk. After all you are sharing your water with construction sites and the fire department. Whenever they manipulate the water, this causes pressure drops, and can lead to backflow occurring in other neighborhoods.

What backflow preventer can do when valves cannot

Even with the valve closed, it will not prevent the possibility of tainted water coming through. With the help of irrigation backflow preventer it can do what the valves cannot. Valves are directional, and backflow preventer is designed to stop backflow. One popular type of preventer includes reduced pressure type, a double check type and a pressure vacuum breaker.

Many type of backflow prevention models available

There are many types of irrigation backflow prevention models, though the local city office might have some suggestions, about what type of backflow prevention is appropriate for your city. Choosing a preventer device, ask yourself if you want an underground installation, or if you want above the surface sprinkler fields. Some models are ideal for smaller areas, whereas others are meant for larger yards, on irrigation sites. In the end, the backflow preventer will be cheaper than huge hospital bills.

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