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Drain Camera

How Pearla’s revolutionising sewage cleaning technique through use of drain inspection cameras

Got a blockage or a faulty underground system? This could be a daunting task to actually find the location and the extent of the issue. This can potentially lead to extra work, time, cost and resources for you and your client. Luckily we have modern technology such as drain camera. This will save you headaches and guess work with pipe inspection camera.

Pipe or drain inspection cameras

Pipe inspection cameras are very versatile and a valuable tool for many industries. They are used by engineers, plumbers and councils among others. This device will allow you to take a sneak peak and inspect areas that are normally hard to reach. Drain inspection cameras are technologically advanced. They are capable of feeding back high definition data-rich footage. They help explore inaccessible areas in wastewater systems, storm water networks, pipelines of different varieties, ducts and drains.

How drain cameras work wonders

We use quality pipe inspection cameras here at Pearla Plumbing that saves us several man hours of work and effort, money and stress. It reduces the stress level as it helps pinpoint the exact location and nature of any issue within any drainage systems. Why dig up several meters of pipe when you can pass on a pipe inspection camera that can get right to the spot? This will provide you with a clear idea of what needs to be done.

Our pipe inspection camera boasts about a number of high tech features that makes your work smoother. Certain characteristics include high-resolution feedback, video-feedback and LED lights that illuminate even the darkest of drains. Such drain camera possess the ability to capture and record several footages for future reference.

Pearla’s got the power

The Pearla Plumbing team, are pure experts when it comes to using a pipe inspection camera to look inside any drains or sewers. We have a full range of drain camera for locating and inspecting sewers and drains in all forms of industrial and residential environments.

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