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The Northern Beaches specialists for the maintenance jobs, we all talk about but seldom want to do.

In today’s world we are busy, even on the Northern Beaches and unfortunately the ‘little things’ that often slip through the cracks can become ‘big’ things over time. The simplest 5 minute job can get put to one side because its easy to do…… we all do it. In some cases you cant even see what needs to be taken care of –

Leaves in the gutters – who looks in their gutters ??

When gutters are not working properly and holding water they are going to rust out – or worse, overflow back at the house causing a leak in the roof. Leaves or roots in the storm water can mean potentially blocked storm water.

The simplest things have knock on effects that can lead to expensive and sometimes lead to disastrous problems.

Water is something that can cause a lot of damage in a very short period – flooding is simple to prevent – but not till the point where you see water appearing under the door do you think it could happen to you. Sometimes its not even your water – if your neighbour doesnt keep his drainage clear, you could end up dealing with that as well.

Dripping taps can add up to 15 % to a water bill – doesn’t look like much – and sometime no matter how hard you are turning the tap it, wont stop (will damage the tap but that’s another problem) If you put a bucket under a dripping tap you will soon see the amount of water being wasted. Landlords who pay for water may not even know its happening – those who have not updated the water saving devices in their rental properties are already at a disadvantage.

Pearla is happy to discuss regular maintenance programs – we undertake storm water and sewerage clearing, and camera work, clearing gutters at height in all sorts of situations not suitable for Mums and Dad’s to do safely. We can work out an agreed schedule and pricing to take the hassle out of the boring part of looking after you biggest investment – your home.

Your house is usually your biggest investment – we are here to help ensure its kept ship shape and grow with you over time.

Strata Preventative maintenance

The Benefits

To identify, correct and maybe even avoid deterioration of your valuable asset (i.e. your entire strata scheme), a Preventative Maintenance Program for what is known as ‘Major Works’ should be discussed with your Strata Manager and all the owners – and implemented as soon as possible.

SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO NOTE – we’er not talking about fixing a leaking tap in the gardens or fixing the mailbox latch that suddenly refuses to open or repairing the TV antenna on the roof because a pelican flew into it last week and broke it……It’s the BIG Ticket Items that will come around on a cyclical or semi-cyclical basis.

Essentially, everything that can breakdown, wear out or deteriorate over time should be identified and included in the PMP .

The method of preventative maintenance for each item should be determined and put into some sort of schedule – like clearing Storm water and Swere systems every 6 months…..

Even the location of a building can often cause certain areas to deteriorate quicker than usual.
Two simple examples of this are

Pearla Plumbing has been servicing the needs of Strata and Realestaste clients ( big and small ) for over 35 years – we have not come across a problem we cant solve – if we don’t know the answer we will commit to finding it.

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