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Storm Water

Storm water deals with the effective removal of ‘surface’ and ‘sub soil’ water from and around your property. What people don’t realise is in most cases it is an integrated system. From the moment the water hits the roof of your house its in the system. The gutters carry it to down pipes, the down pipes to the line to the street – or more commonly to a detention tank to be re-used. Hard surfaces need to be drained – people will pave an area – and forget that all the water that used to soak intothe ground now flows – hopefully away from your house!

If at any point in the system water cant move effectively – you will have issues. Water can quickly build up resulting in a flood. Water can cause significant damage quickly – your biggest investment deserves to be protected – we can advise how.

Signs of rising damp, mouldy ceilings, or ‘pooling’ are all signs something is wrong.

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