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Sewer is something we all know exists – but problems that involve its repair are the realm of plumbers exclusively.

Sewer can be dangerous and its treatment and removal can not be trivialised. Sewerage is responsible for the worst kind of problems – they usually happen when we least expect them – and are NOT pleasant.

In older buildings – the pipes are often in the latter stages of their usefulness and the issues can be, and are often expensive to rectify. A ‘ Band aid’ approach can be a usefull short term remedy – often its the whole system that needs addressing.

Its a very expensive exercise to get wrong and unbelievably it still does happen. Pearla can easily take a look at what’s going on underground and let you know about issues well before they occur.

Persistant problems are the telltale signs of whats to come – a bit like a sore throat signals a cold – pipes that continaually block are telling you something.

Pearla has a long and enviable reputation in drainage solutions. We have a crew of guys, and the machinery. We can, and do, turn around worst case scenario’s quickly. We guarantee to get you up and ‘running’ with as little fuss and inconvenience as possible.

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