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Backflow Prevention

Steps to Check for the Healthiness of Your Backflow Preventer

The primary function of the backflow valve is to prevent the main supply source of water from pollution and contamination. It does not allow the water to move in a backward direction. It becomes more essential to check if your backflow preventer is functioning properly or not.

The companies for backflow prevention, Manly gives surety of keeping your family safe from any diseases or germs. If you are experiencing any damage or leaks in your backflow valve, then you must seek immediate help. You must contact the best plumbing service experts to fix it. In this article, you will know certain steps to identify any minor faults in your backflow preventer.

Step 1- Find the test valves

You need to do a timely check for the shut-off valve and the test clock valve at all cost. They are the most prone-to-damage parts in your backflow preventers. Both of these valves play an essential role in the functioning of the backflow valve. If you are not able to find these two valves on your preventer, then you must contact your manufacturer once. The position of these valves on the preventer depends upon the manufacturer and the product type. Do a keen observation of the preventer to find these two valves. It will be the first step to check the functionality of your preventer.

Step 2- Check the valves

When you are done with finding the test valves, get a wrench for opening it. Use the wrench at 90-degree angle to open the valve. You need to test the flow of water by allowing some water to drip through the open valve. As soon as you do that, you will find the water travelling backwards into the system. You need to check the relief valve then if it is tightly held. It is essential to prevent the water to come at high speed. Check the valve with a screwdriver if it is easily openable. If it opens easily, then you need to change your valve soon.

Step 3- Examine the Water pressure

Some of the manufacturers install a pressure gauge along with the backflow preventer. You can use the gauge to check for the water pressure in the valve. Soon after you open the test valve, your pressure should remain the same. It is the sign of a healthy valve. If the water pressure increases after you open the test valve, then you need to change the backflow preventer to prevent more damage.

Step 4- Hire a professional

You must hire a plumbing company to help you with a solution. A professional plumber can give you basic ideas of how to check for the damage with better observation. They will not only help you by fixing your backflow preventer but will also guide you to take its care. A plumbing expert will be able to do this job more efficiently, and the cost of hiring a plumber is even less.

These are some of the steps you can follow to check for the fitness of your backflow preventer. You can also hire plumbers in Manly to help you in the process.

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