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Responsibilities of the ‘owners’ or ‘owners corporation’?

Generally speaking, in most strata schemes, particularly on the Northern Beaches, the lot owner owns the airspace and everything in it within the boundary of the unit. They don’t own the main structure of the building.

The owners corporation is responsible for the repair and maintenance of common property.

This publication provides a list of items found within a building that could generally be considered common property. However, depending on the history of the building, renovations and by-laws, determining what is and isn’t common property is a complex matter. In most cases you will need to refer to the strata plan and by-laws to determine who is responsible for repairs and maintenance.

The owners corporation must look after common property and do all repairs, unless it decides by special resolution that it is inappropriate for a particular item and its decision will not affect the safety or appearance of the strata scheme. This includes replacing and renewing common property when needed.

The owners corporation can decide at a general meeting to allow a lot owner to add, alter or erect a new structure that improves or enhances common property. If the ongoing maintenance for any alteration, addition or erection is to be the responsibility of a lot owner, a by-law must be created. Otherwise the owners corporation becomes responsible

We would be pleased to discuss your questions or call your Strata Manager or Managing agent and ask them.

A general guide to who is responsible – this is to be used as a guide only.

  • Bathroom Bathroom Cabinet and/or mirror – Owner
  • Bathroom Blocked floor drain – Owners Corporation
  • Bathroom Burst pipe general – Owner/Owners Corporation
  • Bathroom Cracked bath/handbasin – Owner
  • Bathroom Dripping “S” bend under sink – Owner
  • Bathroom Ducting covering stack – Owners Corporation
  • Bathroom Exhaust fans – Owner/Owners Corporation
  • Bathroom hot water service – exclusive to a lot – Owner/Owners Corporation
  • Bathroom Leaking pipes under sink – Owner
  • Bathroom Main stop cock to unit – Owners Corporation
  • Plumbing Blocked floor drain – Owners Corporation
  • Plumbing Blocked sewer – Owners Corporation
  • Plumbing Damage to unit after water leak – Owner/Owners Corporation
  • Plumbing Plug and waste in bath – Owner
  • Plumbing Water leaking from shower – Owner/Owners Corporation
  • Plumbing Water leaking from shower taps – Owner
  • Plumbing Water leaking through tiles – Owner /Owners Corporation
  • Windows Seal to window – Owner/Owner Corporation
  • Bathroom Shower Screen repairs – Owner
  • Bathroom Toilet bowl – Owner
  • Bathroom Toilet Cistern – Owner
  • Bathroom Water leaking from bath – Owner
  • Bathroom Water leaking from shower – Owner/Owners Corporation
  • Bathroom water leaking from shower taps – Owner
  • Kitchen Burst pipe general – Owner/Ownwers Corporation
  • Kitchen Dishwasher – Owner
  • Kitchen Dripping “S” bend under sink – Owner
  • Kitchen Ducting covering stack – Owners Corporation
  • Kitchen Exhaust fans – Owner / Owners Corporation
  • Kitchen Floor and wall tiles – Owner / Owners Corporation
  • Kitchen Insinkerators – Owner
  • Kitchen Kitchen cupboards – Owner
  • Kitchen Leaking pipes under sink – Owner
  • Kitchen Stoves – gas – Owner
  • Water leaking through tiles – Ownwer/Owners Corporation

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