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Hot Water Systems

How to Choose the Best Hot Water Systems for Your Home

If you got to decide on water heating systems, let me tell you that’s no small task. One way or the other, your choice will make a huge impact on your finances. Got electric hot water systems in Sydney? Then you must be paying a whopping one third of the energy bill. But there is an alternative to avoid it and lower your energy bills. Here are some facts that you should know. Make the correct judgment when purchasing hot water system. If you existing water heater is not working, there could be a lot of pressure to get things done in a jiffy. But that is something that is probably advised. Measure long term and short term pros and cons. A little extra effort will pay back in the long run.

Here is the following guide that takes you through all the available options that will help you pick the most practical, affordable energy-efficient heating systems for your needs.

Continuous vs. storage flow

There are 2 methods of delivery to pick from, including storage water system, and the continuous flow. Storage hot water systems will store hot water before use. It has the maximum potential to be practical for larger households with high water usage.

Continuous flow on the other hand, is an instant hot water system will heat as required. You never run out of warm water as in many cases it is considered to be much economical choice for households that are smaller and with lower water usage.

Choosing a power supply: Gas, electric, solar hot water?

The following options are presented is rough in order of preference, that begins with the ideal option. However circumstances might vary wildly from one home to the other. So be sure to read on other factors that may affect your decision.


This is by far one of the best cost saver, but is equally also an expensive up-front. If you can provide an extra handful of cash – say AUD 1500 or AUD 2000 cost, then this will be counted as your initial investment and help you save for the next 5 to 10 years. In major cases, solar hot water systems will ensure that majority water used is free. On cloudy days a booster will kick in to cover you.

If you are looking for something this is eco-friendly or environment conscious, then this measure is beast dealt with as this is by far the lowest impact system. Gas boosted solar will provide you with maximum energy savings depending on the country – you may be eligible for substantial government rebates.


Gas hot water heater will get fuel from two source including natural gas and LPG. If you have gas piping, straight into their home which is one of the most practical methods? Buying individual LPG tanks could turn out to be costly, if you do not have access to natural gas or electricity. This could be idea in all rural areas.


They are almost extinct. Expenses are comparatively higher along with green gas emissions of a family car! Such obsolete hot water systems have been banned in Australia as they are less efficient.

Heat pump

They are a much viable alternative to traditional electrical systems. They can draw natural heat of surrounding air, thus making it a more of an efficient process. Heat pumps are best utilized in hot areas.

When an unexpected pressure drop occurs, water will back flow towards the private home drinking water. This turns out to be dangerous whenever lawn fertilizers and chemicals are recommended directly into your hose bib or water supply. Backflow prevention in Northern Beaches plays a significant role in ensuring that our drinking water remains clean and free from impurities.

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