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solar hot water system

Get 3 benefits by solar hot water system

Water heating is a major source of energy expenditure especially during the cold winter months. It is estimated that about 18% of energy expended in a household is for heating water. Switching over from an electric or gas water heater to a solar hot water system has numerous advantages. Three benefits of using a solar water heater have been discussed here.

Reduction in energy costs and carbon footprint

A solar hot water system uses sunlight as the source for heating water. Thus, you save a lot of money by reducing electricity and gas bills. Solar water heater also reduces your carbon footprint by 50% because a renewable source of energy is being used to heat water. Conservation of non-renewable sources of energy is also a direct result of using a solar water heater.

High efficiency

High efficiency is exhibited by a solar hot water system. The system converts about 80% of the solar energy into heat energy for heating water. Modern solar water heaters are also equipped with boilers or immersion heaters to act as backup whenever enough solar energy is not available to get the required set temperature as on cloudy days.

Low maintenance

A solar hot water system requires little maintenance after installation. A solar water heater can function for about 20 years at a stretch with minimum maintenance.

The cost of the solar water heater system depends upon its size. The size is determined according to your hot water needs and pitch of the roof. Correct size is necessary to fulfill the hot water needs of the household. The solar hot water system must be installed only by a trained plumber.

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