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Choosing the Right Drain Cleaning Equipment in the Market

With a wide number of sewer machines on the market, you would be surprised and overwhelmed on deciding which one to buy or choose. Although most are versatile and would get the job done, it is essential to keep in mind to choose the one that has the most appropriate style and that suits the people’s needs. Enhancing your knowledge on various sewer or drain cleaning equipment would be highly beneficial including their different types and styles, you could easily figure out which equipment to choose to get the job done or tackle specific jobs responsibly. Thus your work will get much easier.

Although drain cleaning is a tough task, try and make it easy on yourself when you can. While choosing your machine, you must consider a couple of things including the space that you will be working in and the size of the lines that needs to be cleaned.

Using a sink machine

Sink machines are best suited for residential jobs. They can clean small lines including sinks, shower drains and bathtubs. Sink machines are known to be smaller in structure and can clean or operate in various positions. They are usually used for lines that are ¼” to 3” in diameter. They fit right in the bathroom spaces, and also leave you enough room to work all at the same time. DM138 is considered to be one of the most popular sink machines, weighting around 8 pounds, which makes operating and transporting easier in smaller spaces. Although the machine is small, its 1/4HP motor will run at 230rpm strong.

When to use a sled machine?

A bigger sled machine would do the job just fine. They are applicable for industrial and commercial jobs. This sled machine is considered to be one of the most popular drain cleaner. They are available in various shapes and capabilities. The smaller shed machines are ideal for cleaning pipes that are 1” to 6” in diameter. It can handle both residential and commercial light jobs. The ones that are bigger in size can take care of pipes with 2” to 10” in diameter. They are ideal for commercial task and main lines.

When to use an upright machine?

They might fit into spaces where the sled machines might not. They have narrow frames and stair climbers that make navigation on older buildings much easier. The DM162 are smaller upright machines that are capable of handling 2” to 6” of lines using 5/8” cable. The big uprights like the DM175 can tackle jobs of 3” to 10” in diameter. They call for 11/16” to ¾” sewer snakes.

Using your machine safely

If you are an expert plumber in Artarmon with years of experience, then you should already know when to use each equipment. Sewer cleaning machines comes in with a risk of injury, no matter how experienced the plumber is. Inattention to safety can cause serious injury. If you know which drain cleaning machines fits your job, then you are quite ready to purchase a sewer cleaning machine.

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