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Advantages of a Hot Water System

If you have already made the decision to switch over from a tank style water heater to an instant hot water system, the next thing you need to decide is where to place them inside your home. There are many factors that will play a role in where would be the best location for your system. Factors like geographic location, availability of natural gas, hot water usage and size and the design of your home.

In many ways, our lives have been much easier through the induction of instant hot water systems. These are connected to taps in our homes such as in kitchen, bathroom, and laundry, thus allowing access to warm or hot water whenever we need it. They offer homes and businesses many other benefits. There are different types of instant systems currently on the market, each with its own advantages or benefits.

Tank and Storage

This is one of the most commonly used of the 3 types of system currently on the market. You may require a plumber to install this type in your home. They are connected to your mains and water supply. The tank heats up the water and sends it to the faucet when it is turned on. It is also equipped with a number of useful features, including a filter and an adjustable thermostat. The great thing about this system is that you will never need to fill it and it is able to produce heated water in larger volumes.

Tank less

This is an instant system that grows in popularity as it doesn’t utilize a tank at all, and is very light and portable. The option is perfect for homes that don’t have enough space as they are smaller than their storage counterparts. Many home owners prefer such type as it doesn’t require a plumber for installation and it doesn’t use a whole lot of electricity, as it only heats the water when required. Although it is an environmentally friendly option, you will need to refill it.

Heat Pump

This is a third type of system and is the newest in the market. Just like any other tank less type, it doesn’t store water that has heated and doesn’t require a plumber for installation. Such a system is built by an electric pump, or by a manual push down pump. It would heat the water just like it would in a kettle or a pot, before sending it to the hot faucet. Whilst it does feature an adjustable thermostat, you will need to refill it, as it possesses a maximum capacity of only 5 liters.

Advantages of instant hot water systems

The major benefit associated with all the 3 of the above instant hot water systems is that they are basically; negate the need for kettle, as you will be able to use the hot water provided for a number of cooking needs. This may improve the speed of the preparing the beverages and food, as well as helping to avoid the hazards associated with the kettle. They also include causing serious scalds from spills or touching the surface and burns to countertops.

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